Your Community Greenspace - the story so far

13/07/21 Adrian Oates, Head of Fundraising and Marketing explains how it took four years and a huge amount of work and perseverance to achieve the nearly £2 million grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Read more

The evolution of Fox Play

15/06/21 Andrew MacDermott, Head of Development recounts the process of planning, consulting and developing the ideas for Fox Play, the new play area at Lakeside, where construction starts this week. Read more

Creating Celebration Leaves

01/06/21 Lucy Thornton-Reid, Fundraising Officer talks to artist Jeni Cairns and craftsman Alistair Thompson about the creation of Celebration Leaves. Read more

From sailing novice to Director of Business Services

24/05/21 Nick Danks, Director of Finance and Business Services has just joined Nene Park Trust and tells us about his early watery connection with the Park. Read more

Encouraging the return of nesting terns

20/04/21 Chris Park, Project Development Officer (Environment) recounts the history of nesting terns in the Park, as we install a new tern raft on Overton Lake this week. Read more

Adapting to remote teaching

05/04/21 Vicky Chambers, Senior Education and Activities Officer reflects on adapting to delivering remote education sessions during 2021. Read more

Joining the blue fleece army!

22/03/21 Trevor Henderson, Volunteer at Nene Park After many years of enjoying the Park as a local resident, Trevor became an integral member of the Nene Park Volunteer Team in 2018. Here he shares his passion for volunteering and the wonderful experiences gained through his time in the blue fleece army. Read more

Three species to spot in the Park this spring

15/03/21 Sophie Rolfe, Visitor Ranger tells us more about three wildlife species to spot in the Park this spring. Read more