Adapting to remote teaching

05/04/21 Vicky Chambers, Senior Education and Activities Officer reflects on adapting to delivering remote education sessions during 2021. Read more

Joining the blue fleece army!

22/03/21 Trevor Henderson, Volunteer at Nene Park After many years of enjoying the Park as a local resident, Trevor became an integral member of the Nene Park Volunteer Team in 2018. Here he shares his passion for volunteering and the wonderful experiences gained through his time in the blue fleece army. Read more

Three species to spot in the Park this spring

15/03/21 Sophie Rolfe, Visitor Ranger tells us more about three wildlife species to spot in the Park this spring. Read more

The challenge of 2020

22/02/21 Devon Brooks and Craig Taylor, Chief and Senior Instructors at Nene Outdoors, share their experiences of working through a very different 2020 and start of 2021. Read more

Checking in with the Visitor Centre team

15/02/21 Simon Gardner, Visitor Operations Manager shares an update from the Visitor Centre & Gift Shop during lockdown #3 where the team are busy working on online orders, expanding product ranges and preparing for when we can finally open our doors and welcome you back! Read more

A year at Woodlands

01/02/21 Scott Bryan, Groundsperson, Woodlands shares the achievements and challenges from his first year managing the sports pitches at Woodlands in Castor. Read more

The act of giving

25/01/21 Lucy Thornton Reid, Fundraising Officer asks what charity means to you and how does giving make you feel? Read more

A sustainable farming future

12/01/21 Craig and Ryan Baxter, farming partners on the Rural Estate share their vision for a sustainable farming future at Nene Park. Read more