Ben Gwinnett, Visitor Centre Manager

Our next big calendar day in the Visitor Centre is Mother's Day (not to be forgotten!), so I wanted to highlight our current and upcoming Mother's Day planned promotions with you all.

The first big new addition to the shop is the Wrendale range, the beautifully designed and made gifts from Lincolnshire. Being so local, they are a well-known brand to many of you and I know from personal purchases that the quality can be trusted, so it feels like a natural fit for us here at the Visitor Centre. The gifts make amazing traditional gifts for Mother's Day, so we are featuring them quite prominently in store  - pop in and take a look!

Alternatively, what if your mum is a foodie? Well then, we have plenty to fit the bill - but my personal suggestion would be first, pick up some Nene Park Trust lamb; this tastes delicious on its own – but then also grab one of our Potts marinade bags. Marinade the lamb in the fridge overnight, then cook it off and serve alongside creamy mash, a side of veg and a glass of Rex Mundi Shiraz. Honestly, amazing!

Of course, to all the mums reading this who want to give themselves a treat, there is nothing wrong with that! We are getting in our first range of bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics! So if you wish for yourself nothing but relaxation, we have that covered too. And let’s not forget the pet mums of the world for whom we have new Pawsome Parent mugs! I genuinely love these as I’ve always been a big pet person, so this really ticks the box for me!

So we have gifts for every kind of mum this Mother's Day, and more besides. I haven’t even talked about the new toys we’re getting in, because of course the kids need something too! And Easter is on the horizon, so we’ve already started bulking up our chocolate supplies! It's never too early for a chocolate…

So, we hope to see you in the Visitor Centre very soon!