Lucy Thornton-Reid, Fundraising Officer

In 2020, with a very popular memorial bench scheme creating a long waiting list and park visitors asking for more ways to remember moments and loved ones, we developed Celebration Leaves.

Handmade copper leaves, with an engraving of your choice, displayed in the wildlife garden at Ferry Meadows on beautiful oak sculptures - a scheme made entirely by local crafts people.

It was a pleasure to work on this project and has been wonderful to witness so many people finding joy and peace with their leaves; we have seen individuals remember loved ones, celebrate anniversaries and recently use a leaf for a unique reason…

At the end of 2022, we were so moved to receive a form from an individual wanting to remember the life of their pet dog, who loved going for walks in Ferry Meadows. We thought this was such a wonderful idea and a lovely way for the owner to find happiness in knowing their pet will always be a part of the Park, whilst also helping the legacy of Nene Park through their donation.

Not only does Celebration Leaves give you a chance to hold onto a moment, a person or a pet, but it also gives you the opportunity to play a part in the future of the Park you love. The donation given when buying your leaf goes towards the huge amount of work Nene Park Trust does in Peterborough.

Nene Park Trust manages and looks after over 1,750 acres of greenspace in Peterborough, from farming land, forest schools, watersports, sculpture collections and wildlife conservation areas – this takes a lot of work from the team.

As well as simply maintaining our land, so it is safe for you to enjoy, we are always trying to improve it, for example; making it more accessible, creating richer habitats for wildlife or using the land to teach young people. Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life for those who use it, both humans and wildlife.

When taking part in our Celebration Leaves scheme, you can be proud to know your support makes this work possible.

Whenever you are next at Ferry Meadows, please feel free to have a look at the Celebration Leaves which can be found in the wildlife garden next to the Visitor Centre – we hope to see you soon.