This summer we hosted a number of young people at Nene Park Trust for a few days of work experience with us. Here some of them write about their experiences with us.


From organising the stationery cupboard or creating parking permits to hiking 7 miles and 14,000 steps through the Nene Park rural site, my work experience week at Nene Park has been varied and interesting involving a range of tasks in the office.

Working in the Admin team means you are surrounded by friendly, welcoming, helpful people who are a great support when learning new things (which I have done a lot of this week!). In fact, everyone in the whole Trust is so welcoming, making it a lovely environment to work in. Getting to meet and learn from so many new people is something very special about Nene Park.

The range of tasks set by the team makes every day unique, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was constantly learning and in new settings. I tagged along to meetings about HR and Your Community Greenspace, both of which were really interesting and gave me a great insight into working at Nene Park and the work of the Trust.

Getting to go out into the Park on a hike was definitely the highlight of the week. We spent over 5 hours hiking through the Nene Park Rural Estate back to Ferry Meadows, led by rangers. It showed me new aspects of the Park that I’d never seen before and I loved it!


Hello my name is Joseph and I am writing this to give you and many others an overview and insight into work experience at Nene Park Trust.

As a work experience student working in the admin team at Nene Park Trust I have had an amazing experience. The people in the office are kind, friendly and will help you if you are not sure about something. This is the same throughout the Trust.

What are the different types of activities you do? Here are just some of the things I did: welcome visitors to the office, open and distribute the post, do a uniform stocktake, check the Google reviews, check Facebook messages, log feedback from customers onto an internal system, arrange a mobility scooter booking, create posters for camping and Longthorpe Tower, assemble lanyards, do printing, laminating and so on.

If you have the opportunity please take it! Go outside as it is best to have a mixture of experiences and understanding of what is going on in the Park.


I started off on Monday meeting Gareth and joining the volunteers in the Jubilee Garden. I helped to weed, brush and prune, which was good fun as it gave me a chance to do some hands on/manual work. In the afternoon we worked around the Discovery Den and toilets doing more gardening. We trimmed hedges and did lots of weeding with another group of volunteers.

On Tuesday I was with the Marketing team. I went to the Visitor Centre to take some photos of products to advertise the new games and toys you can buy there. I also helped prepare name badges for an event and did a quiz on the Nene Park website.

On Wednesday I was part of the Admin team, where I learned about how they deal with all the visitor enquiries from across Nene Park Trust. I also did some laminating and prepared parking QR codes. 

On Friday I was at the Visitor Centre with Ben, Elena and Maria, who taught me about retailing and sales. At the start of the day I price-tagged and barcoded some tubs of fruit. I then checked the dates on products and stacked them at the front near the entrance. It was great learning about the shop and seeing customers coming in.

If you would like to find out more about arranging school work experience at Nene Park Trust, please contact [email protected]