We are always trying to improve and make our shop as environmentally friendly as possible. Below are just a few of the things we are doing to try and make ourselves the best we can be!

  • The boxes we ship our orders in are either reused, from our most recent delivery of stock, or recycled cardboard boxes that are better for the environment. That could be why when you get a box it may have unusual branding on or a product ID for something you haven’t ordered.
  • Our box filling is usually recycled tissue paper scrunched down to give padding, once with you it can be recycled once again. If you don’t have paper filling it will be our green biodegradable bubble wrap, which is a new environmentally friendly way to send your more breakable items.
  • We check that any wood in our products is from FSC managed woodlands.
  • We try and buy as local as possible to ensure that we minimise travel miles. However, in some instances we are yet to find a quality UK alternative or the overseas supplier has a special product with great credentials.
  • We push our suppliers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, for example, ensuring card suppliers have compostable bags and greener packaging.

We are working on other methods to reduce our carbon footprint. If you have any ideas please let us know at [email protected].

Our priority is to ensure that you, the customer, receives your product in the best shape possible, in the most environmentally friendly way.