A virtually guided walk around Nene Park is available for visitors who want to explore the wider Nene Park themselves, rather than going on a guided walk led by our rangers.

On this page you can find a route guide available to download containing a brief overview of the walk and a basic route map. Along the walking route we are placing route markers featuring QR codes. Walkers can then scan the QR codes using their phones or tablets to access a short video giving information about points of interest and route guidance for the next stage of the walk.

In 2022, 84% of UK adults owned a smartphone and this number is only expected to increase. This means that most of us are carrying around an incredibly powerful device to access video or audio information. Most smartphones already have a QR code reader installed and for those that don’t, applications such as Google Lens are freely available to download.

Two Meres Walk

Orton Mere pondA 3.8km circular walk from Orton Mere to Ferry Meadows and back past Ham Mere.

Download the route guide

Here you will find information on the length and terrain of the walk and a basic route map where you can see the location of the QR code markers to scan for further information as you go on your walk.

Practice scanning the QR Code below with your smart phone to access the introductory video. If you haven't done this before just open up the camera on your phone and hold it up to the screen. Your phone should recognise the QR code and one tap will take you to the video.