nenescape logo and heritage lottery logoFunded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund, this Nenescape project is focussed on restoring colour and biodiversity back to this remnant of the once-thriving railway on Station Lane, Castor.

Background to the project

Nene Park covers 698 hectares and, as well as Ferry Meadows Country Park, includes rural areas and agricultural land.  We're working to improve access to some of the more underused areas of the Park as well as improving the management of the area for wildlife.  Restoring the Station Master's Garden, near Castor and Ailsworth, was one of the first steps in opening up a hidden area of the wider Park for visitors to enjoy.

The site, located to the west of Ferry Meadows and found by following the Nene Way footpath, was once the location of the Station Master’s house.  The house, that was previously part of Castor Station, no longer exists but traces of the country cottage garden are still visible.

The project involved Nene Park volunteers and staff working with local residents of Castor and Ailsworth to help restore the site.

Project planillustration plan of planting at station masters garden

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers worked hard to reinvigorate the site and provide a new area of the Park for visitors to explore. They also installed information boards in the garden to bring the history of the area to life.

The team replanted an overgrown privet hedge with new native hedge species, installed a new gate, prune mature lime trees and apple trees, sowed wild flowers in the existing grassland and planted more fruiting trees. Existing areas of scrub land close to the railway track will be managed to encourage more wildlife to the site.

When will the project be finished?

We hope all work will be completed by Summer 2021, ready for visitors to enjoy throughout the following year and beyond.