Pontoon Bridge was built in 1986 and is one of the early parts of the Park’s infrastructure.  The bridge is currently constructed of timber, steel and concrete and has required increasing levels of maintenance over recent years as it approaches the end of its serviceable life.  The original opening mechanism, which allowed the two halves of the bridge to open separately, has long been fixed closed to minimise further movement and limit the damage this causes.

The proposed new bridge is a simple arch embellished by high quality craftsmanship.

The new design has been created by C B Arts in Cumbria to be both robust and resilient in construction whilst establishing a new beautiful landmark in the park using skilled craftspeople and a nature-inspired design.  The proposals create a wider walkway to enable users to pass each other comfortably and to stop to look over the water without blocking the way for others passing.  The bridge construction is proposed to be corten weathering steel, giving a high quality solid finish, ensuring it will last for many years to come.  The railings of the bridge evolve into gateways of trees at either end of the bridge.  The design uses metal rather than wood as given the large amounts of use and proximity to water, this will give a more resilient structure with a much longer lifespan.

Although the floating quality of the current bridge is a beloved feature for many, others find this uncomfortable and disorientating to cross.  The nature of floating pontoons also creates a maintenance issue with movement of other components of the bridge and the life of the pontoons themselves.  

The existing Pontoon bridge is being retired and removed on the 21st August 2023 and this bridge crossing will be closed until October. The new bridge is currently being constructed in the C B Arts workshop in Cumbria and will be transported in sections to be installed during September. 

The closure of the bridge means there will be a diversion for our visitors during this time period. Thank you for your understanding during this time - the new bridge will be worth the wait!