From Park to Plate is a share farming partnership between Nene Park Trust and first generation farmers, brothers Craig and Ryan Baxter.

The partnership will see lamb and beef reared on land managed for wildlife, including the Nene Park Rural Estate, where nature and farming go hand in hand.

Park to Plate lamb boxes are now available to order online, with the choice of small, medium and large available. Please click here or on the products below to visit our online shop.

small lamb box medium lamb box
Small Lamb Box - £50 Medium Lamb Box - £90 Large Lamb Box - £170

Kind to our animals

The partnership places the upmost importance on the welfare of its animals, ensuring the animals live happy, healthy lives. 

The sheep and cattle reared through the share farming partnership, are done so in the most natural way possible with minimum artificial inputs. The animals include native rare breads such as Hebridean sheep and Red Devon cattle. 

The welfare of these animals is of paramount importance. We are voluntarily registered under the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme which guarantees that our produce is traceable, safe and farmed with care. 

Most importantly, our animals live happily, are slow grown and spend nearly all their lives in the great outdoors.

Kind to nature

The partnership farms in harmony with nature, where livestock roam extensively on land that is managed for the long-term benefit of the environment and wildlife. 

As stewards of the land, we have a duty to do the right thing with a long-term future in mind. The land is voluntarily registered under environmental stewardship schemes and incorporates wildflower rich pastures supporting a rich bio-diversity.

The cattle and sheep are part of the conservation management of this landscape, which contains many rare plant and animal species, working in harmony with nature.

Kind to the environment

Our farming system is entirely forage based – this means the livestock enjoy their favourite food; grass, herbs and wildflowers, throughout their lives, minimising environmental impact and maximising benefits to nature. We restrict the use of artificial sprays and fertilisers ensuring as natural approach to farming as possible. 

Each stage of the farming cycle is managed locally. This means that the meat that comes from the partnership is of the highest quality, using the highest animal welfare standards, and is hyper-local, as it makes its way from the park to your plate.  As a result, meat produced by the partnership has a very low carbon footprint compared to intensively reared supermarket meat. 

To discover more about the share farming partnership and first generation farmers, the Baxter Brothers, please click here.

In addition to our lamb boxes, Park to Plate produce can also be found at the Farm Shop located in the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows, where seasonal fresh produce is sourced from the finest local suppliers. 

Lamb box order and collection dates for 2022

Order by: Collect from Nene Park on:
23/01/22 5th Feb
13/02/22 26th Feb
13/03/02 26th March
17/04/22 30th May
15/05/22 28th May
12/06/22 25th June
17/07/22 30th July
14/08/22 27th August
11/09/22 24th September
16/10/22 29th October
13/11/22 26th November 
27/11/22 10th December