From Park to Plate is a share farming partnership between Nene Park Trust and first generation farmers, brothers Craig and Ryan Baxter.

The partnership will see lamb and beef reared on land managed for wildlife, including the Nene Park Rural Estate, where nature and farming go hand in hand.

Kind to our animals

The partnership places the upmost importance on the welfare of its animals, ensuring the animals live happy, healthy lives.

Kind to nature

Farming in harmony with nature, where livestock roam extensively on land that is managed for the long term benefit of the environment.

Kind to the environment

Our farming system is entirely forage based – this means the livestock enjoy their favourite food; grass, throughout their lives, minimizing environmental impact and maximising benefits to nature.

To discover more about the share farming partnership and first generation farmers, the Baxter Brothers, please click here.

From Park to Plate produce can be found at Lakeside Farm Shop in Ferry Meadows, where seasonal fresh produce is sourced from the finest local suppliers.