lottery funded arts council england logoThanks to funding from LEADER, we are currently renovating Lynch Lake Kiosk to create a brand new and flexible community space.   

Lynch Lake Kiosk is an unused wooden framed building by Lynch Lake and has been at the heart of Ferry Meadows since 1978. Over the years it has had many uses, from an ice-cream kiosk to a canoe store. Thanks to Leader the kiosk will be transformed into a single open space, the exterior will be repaired, the walls re-decorated, and an accessible toilet, wi-fi and new signage will be installed. The Kiosk will have a number of uses, including classroom, exhibition area, artist’s studio, information point and community meeting room. 

The Kiosk will be offered as an accessible and weather proof community space that can be used by local community groups, charities, local artists and creatives, as well as Nene Park Trust volunteers and staff to engage, inform and entertain Park visitors and other groups. The Kiosk will host a year-round programme of events and activity for Park visitors to learn about and engage with fun and creative activities exploring nature, the environment, sports, art and heritage. We hope the Community Kiosk will become a valued asset for the Park and the Trust and, due to its adaptable design and central location, will undoubtedly become a very popular and versatile space for visitors and community groups.

lynch lake kiosk in ferry meadows during renovation