Have a browse though the various different performers who will be at Peterborough Celebrates Festival 2024

Professional Touring Acts

Mimbre – Weight (Less)

Experience the uplifting journey of Weight(less), where the resilience of three women shines through amidst life’s challenges. With a blend of acrobatics, movement and humour, this heart-warming performance dismantles big problems into moments of laughter, celebrating hope and support to leave you with a smile, unforgettable imagery and a spring in your step.

While Weight(less) doesn’t offer solutions, the three acrobats provide reflections on the world we live in and the emotions we experience, inviting audiences of all ages and backgrounds to laugh, cry, and dream together. Join us for this joyful escape from the chaos of everyday life, celebrating the courage it takes to keep on going when times are tough. Mimbre is an international company of female acrobats based in the UK.

Performances provisionally: Sat 18 May, 12.45pm & 4.30pm – Haybales Stage

Vanhulle Dance Theatre – Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a poetic tale of rediscovering the wonder and beauty that nature provides. Following the new and unusual friendship between two strangers, they quickly learn to overcome differences, despite miscommunications, by developing trust and acceptance, an alliance is formed to defend mother nature.

Olive Branch is a feel-good, funny and dynamic dance duet that intertwines contemporary dance with martial arts. Olive Branch is for children and families, made for the outdoors and perfect for schools. Vanhulle is a Cambridgeshire based dance company.

Performances provisionally: Sun 19 May, 12.30pm & 3pm – Haybales Stage

Dizzy O’Dare – The Giant Balloon Show                 

The Giant Balloon Show will have you in stitches and in awe simultaneously. Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance and of course the all important giant balloon!

Take everything you know about balloons; twist that into a theatrical experience, add an award-winning clown and an 80’s soundtrack and you have The Giant Balloon Show!

Performances provisionally: Sun 19 May, 11.15am & 1.30pm – Haybales Stage

Dizzy O’Dare - Kevin Tickle’s Dogs                 

Kevin Tickle makes his first visit to Peterborough Celebrates as he attempts to train man’s best friend.

Kevin ‘walkies’ you through the famous Crufts categories as well as some you might find at the local fete;  Best in Show, Wag-giest Tale, and best dancer.

Things are pretty much guaranteed not to go as planned, but Kevin will try to put on the best show possible even if the assault course may have a screw or two loose. Expect comedy, mayhem and madness

Performances provisionally: Sat 18 May, 2.30pm & 6pm – Haybales Stage

Pif-Paf – SEED

SEED – is a brilliant thought-provoking and very funny show for anyone (especially families) about our relationship with the long suffering plants that keep us fed, sheltered and breathing.

It is the visual and movement theatre story of Wilford – one of the unseen – as he scrapes and digs and blasts the seed holes and co-opts the water and food to feed his charges. It’s a story of pulsating plant beats, pneumatic theatrical explosions, flying soil and water, resource liberation, live music and a giant tree growing out of a shed.

Performances provisionally: Sat 18 May, 12pm & 3.30pm – Big Top

Local professional Acts

  • Gabriella Pineda Rodrigues / Family concert                       
  • Xidus Pain / Rapper plus local young artists showcase      
  • Jumped Up Theatre / Shiamak Bollywood Community Performances                              
  • BBC Introducing / Range of local acts -TBC                           
  • Peterborough Pride 

Local Community Acts

  • Peterborough Divali Festival & Tangulu Sangham / Indian & Bollywood dancing
  • Kastinitis / Latvian Traditional Children’s Choir & Dance
  • Peterborough Salvation Army / Traditional Brass Band
  • Willow Singers / Local community choir
  • Ola Ogunbote / Gospel Singing
  • East Timorese / Traditional dancing in colourful costumes
  • U3A / Singing & Poetry
  • Peterborough Centre for Young Musicians / ensembles & short pieces
  • Peterborough College / UCP / Three new bands and excerpts from The Adams Family
  • Peterborough Rock Choir / Community Choir
  • Wansford Ukelele Folk / popular songs played by a ukulele band
  • Peterborough Flute Choir / Popular songs played on variety of flutes
  • Red Letter Crib Signature / Afro Jazz & poetry