Find out more about some of our festival acts and performers below. 
For more information on performance timings across the weekend, please go to our detailed line-up page

Motionhouse - 'WILD'

Our headline circus/dance act suitable for all ages. Using the powerful physicality distinctive to Motionhouse, performers use dynamic choreography, acrobatic movement and hand-to-hand partnering to move through a forest of tall poles, which forms the striking set. From the top of the pole, life in the canopy looks down onto the forest floor – a dangerous world of unknown meetings. Find out more

There will be four performances throughout the festival weekend. Timings are 3pm & 7pm on Saturday and 11am and 3pm on Sunday, weather depending. 

Autin Dance Theatre - 'Out of the Deep Blue' 

A Walkabout spectacle around the festival site, followed by 25-minute show suitable for all ages. Out of the Deep Blue features a 13-foot Sea Giant Puppet and a contemporary dancer, inspired by the themes of the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis.This will be performed three times during the Saturday. A giant puppet will wander round the festival site greeting people and lead people to a performance area for a short dance-based show on the theme of climate change.  Find out more

Ensonglopedia  - 'The Puddle at the End of the World' 

A family-friendly high energy comedy show with songs about the environment, science and climate change. An Ensonglopedia is a musical and alphabetical adventure, with a series of super songs, some serious, some somewhat sillier some say, on a selection of (sometimes scientific) subjects.  

There will be four performances inside the Theatre Tent on Saturday and Sunday. Find out more

Punjabi Roots Academy

Two loud exciting and high energy drumming performances by this brilliant Bradford based group: one short presentation as part of the Friday evening festival launch event and another longer presentation with a massed participation moment on the Sunday lunchtime. Members of Punjabi Roots will also be on the festival site during the day on the Saturday ‘drumming up’ support for Sunday’s event to help us to try to get as many people as possible involved. 


Eastern Angles - Medieval Miracles 

Catch the last performances of Eastern Angles theatre tour of this great show. There will be two shows in the Theatre Tent on the Saturday afternoon.

Heaven is empty and Hell is full – what is God to do? Lower the bar? The answer comes in The Trials of Mary & Joseph, a series of mystery plays telling the Nativity story – but not as you know it. The search for an Immaculate Conception hits a doubting husband, local opposition and scandal, and some sceptical midwives, until some starry-eyed shepherds gets this well-known story back on track.  Find out more


Vanhulle Dance - 'Dovetail'

Three x 15-minute outdoor performances of a contemporary dance duet for adult and family audiences on the Sunday 

“At a time when human connection, alliance and renewal have never been more important and far-reaching, Dovetail ignites a rebirth; a highly physical explosive and emotive duet that delves into what it means to rebuild and rediscover oneself with the help of another.”  

Find out more


Q Productions - 'Family VOX' 

Q Productions will be presenting a three-hour family friendly drop-in cabaret show in the Big Top on the Saturday afternoon / evening. It's camp, high energy and of course Queer. With acts from near and far The Family Vox is not a show to be missed. Singing, street art, cabaret, spoken word and even a world record holder, it's almost a mini festival within a festival. This event will showcase local talent as well national performers from the LGBT+ community.  

4pm-7pm on Saturday 20th of May in the Big Top.

Xidus Pain - Rap Performance & Young Artist Showcase 

Award winning Rap Artist & Music Practitioner Xidus Pain will be showcasing his Rap skills performing a selection of his songs which receive regular rotation on BBC and global Radio stations.

As well as Rapping and giving the audience a Master Class on the Art of Freestyle Rap, Xidus will be showcasing some up and coming talented musicians from around the city. 6-7pm on the main stage on the Saturday. 

Gabriella Pineda-Rodrigues 

Peterborough’s best known and hugely popular soprano singer returns to the festival with two musical performances, catering for different audiences. On Saturday lunchtime on the main stage she will be singing well known songs from the musicals and light opera and on Sunday 21st May at lunchtime she will be in the big top with Disney princess songs! 

Find out more 


Sandy Wardrop ‘The Mad Poetry Scientists’ 

Close Encounters of the 'Word' Kind. Join ‘Mad Scientist of Words’ Sandy Wardrop and his crew of Peterborian Poets as they use the power of words to unscramble a confusing cosmic conundrum. An interactive family show for all ages on Sunday 21st May at 1pm on the Main stage.

Lamphouse Theatre - Hollywood Joy Movie  

A Hollywood director has chosen Nene Park as their main location for their next big blockbuster. Frustratingly, the main star of the movie hasn’t turned up for filming. The director and their film crew will therefore roam the festival looking for a replacement star. The crew carries all the equipment, green screen, costumes, lights, camera, scripts. When they find someone willing to stand in, a mini-film studio is created on the spot. With promotional films leading up to the festival and several short legacy videos, starring festival goers, after the event, Hollywood Joy Movie will be the talk of not just LA, but Peterborough Celebrates too! 


Community Performances / Groups  

  • ADT Timor Sports / Lorico 12 / East Timorese Association 
  • Peterborough College / UCP 
  • Willow Singers 
  • Starlight Twirlettes 
  • Bharat Hindu Samaj 
  • Peterborough Divali Festival 
  • Bollywood Dance Workshop (Jumped Up Theatre) 
  • Abbey Ukes 
  • Peterborough Flute Choir 
  • Young Tech Academy  
  • Wansford Ukelele Folk 
  • Peterborough Music Hub 
  • Musafir & young singers   
  • Bengali Sanskrit Club 
  • Thomas Dunleavy 
  • Salvation Army  
  • Lucy’s Pop Choir 
  • Frumenty 
  • Ukrainian Choir