Many of the pathways around Ferry Meadows are shared with cyclists and some waymarking is provided for suggested cycle routes. General details about cycling at Ferry Meadows can be found on our cycling page.

We offer cycle hire from our base at Nene Outdoors with a wide range of bikes for all the family. Please note we are a cashless centre and accept card or contactless payments only.

Prebook your bikes online

Boat Trips

Boat trips operate from the jetty located near the Visitor Centre, which is also the duck feeding platform. A sloped path leads down to the platform which is a wooden-decked, metal-framed platform on floats to enable it to move with the water level. Wooden handrails surround the platform which forms a T shape over the water. The duck feeding area is on the right hand side of the T and the boat trips operate from the centre through a gate which is locked shut when the boat is out on the water or when trips are not operating. The left hand side of the T is for staff access only with a locked gate in place across this section. 

There is stepped access onto the boat however a boarding ramp onto a hydraulic platform, enabling up to two wheelchair users on board at any time, is available but must be arranged in advance with Nene Outdoors.

The boat is electric powered and is near silent when running.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance, which we recommend to guarantee availability. However, tickets can also be purchased at the boat itself and from the Nene Outdoors reception, next to Gunwade Lake when we are not fully booked. Please note we are a cashless centre and accept card or contactless payment only. Please visit our Take a Boat Trip page for details of the boat trips and contact details to discuss any specific access requirements and to book wheelchair access. 

Ferry Meadows Miniature Railway

The miniature railway provides a coach designed to take wheelchairs. For further details and contact information visit our Ferry Meadows Railway page.


There are two designated accessible fishing stands on the east side of Gunwade Lake, near to the Lakeside car park. There is a concrete ramp with metal handrails either side, leading from the main path, to the concrete stands which are designed to accommodate one wheelchair user each.

Fishing rights at Ferry Meadows are operated by Peterborough and District Angling Assocation with day tickets and annual membership available. For further details and contact information visit our fishing page.

Horse riding

There are horse routes throughout the Park which are marked on posts with blue horseshoe signs.

For further details about riding in Nene Park and contact information visit our ride a horse page.

Wildlife Watching

Nene Park Trust has created a number of opportunities for visitors to take time to experience and enjoy the nature of the Park:

Wildlife hides

There are two bird hides in Ferry Meadows overlooking Ham Mere; Teal and Heron Hides. The two hides have short gently sloping surfaced paths from the main footpath that lead to openings into the small basic block structures. Alongside these paths there is wooden post and rail fencing.

Inside are a series of basic, ground fixed benches in front of openings in the wall for viewing. Each opening has a wall mounted shelf underneath. One viewing opening is extended to a lower level, with a lower level shelf and no bench to allow for wheelchair and other access.

Due to the limited internal space Nene Park Trust mobility scooters cannot be used in the wildlife hides. The hides may not be suitable for all private wheelchairs or mobility aids. Please assess this for your individual situation before entering and contact us in advance of your visit if you would like more details about the hides.

Viewing platforms

There are three raised wooden viewing platforms at Ferry Meadows – two overlooking Heron Meadow and one overlooking Goldie Meadow. All three are accessed via a surfaced path from the main tarmac footpath onto a short, gentle sloping decked walkway which opens out onto a small viewing area. Wooden handrails surround the wooden walkway and viewing area.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are welcome onto the viewing platforms. The decked walkway is approximately 1300mm in width with the viewing platform at the end opening to an approximate size of 2800mm x 2700mm. Please assess the access for your individual situation before going onto the structure and contact us in advance of your visit if you would like more details about the viewing platforms.

For more information on wildlife watching at Ferry Meadows see our Bird Watch and Seasonal Nature Highlights pages. For locations of the wildlife hides and viewing platforms see our map of Ferry Meadows.

Nene Bowmen

As a long established archery club that uses an area on Oak Meadow near to the Lakeside car park for their outdoor shooting, Nene Bowmen offers archers of all abilities, including those brand new to the sport, the opportunity to shoot in a friendly environment. For further details and contact information visit our clubs page.

Packers Canoe Club

Peterborough’s canoe club meet at Lakeside throughout the summer months. For further details and contact information visit our clubs page.

Peterborough Model Flying Club

Peterborough Model Flying Club is a multi discipline club with flying sites for free flight, control line and radio control. The club make use of Coney Meadow which is just off of the main car park. For further details and contact information visit our clubs page.

Peterborough Sailability

Providing sailing opportunities for disabled people from the Lakeside. For further details and contact information visit our clubs page.