Birds love Nene Park just as much as people do and there are so many places and ways to see them.

Bird hides

There are two bird hides in Ferry Meadows overlooking Ham Mere. During dry spells the mere does dry out but at Heron Hide there is a bird feeder so you are guaranteed sightings. On the walk to the hides you may be lucky and see a Kingfisher or a Heron.

Sand martin box

Sand martins hadn’t bred in the Park for years so we decided to give them a bit of encouragement. The box is located on Lynch Lake in Ferry Meadows and from March to October you’ll be able to see them swooping overhead.

Viewing platforms

There are two viewing platforms overlooking Heron Meadow and one overlooking Goldie Meadow. These are great places to stand and look over the restored water meadows and look out for a wide range of wintering birds such as snipe, egret, wigeon, gadwall and shoveler.

Nest cam and feeder cam

Pop into the Visitor Centre to enjoy a live action on screen from our nest cam or feeder cam, Spring Watch style!