Ferry Meadows hosts many events throughout the year covering a range of activities, interests and ages. The events pages contain information about the broad accessibility of an event, which organisation is running the event and the contact details if you have any special requirements or queries regarding the accessibility of a particular event.

Bringing a companion/carer

You can bring a companion or carer in for free to help you enjoy a Nene Park Trust event or activity that has an admission charge. Please note that not all events and activities at Nene Park are operated by Nene Park Trust. Enquiries about arrangements for companions/carers should be directed to the specific event/activity organiser.

If you require a companion/carer to access a Nene Park Trust event please contact the Education and Activities team to discuss any additional access requirements and arrange booking.

If you require a companion/carer to access a course or activity with Nene Park Trust at Nene Outdoors Watersports and Activity Centre, please contact Nene Outdoors on 01733 234193 to discuss any additional access requirements and arrange a booking.

While carer(s) will be allowed entry to the event/activity with you free of charge, they must at all times be in a caring role that is providing support and assistance. It is not acceptable for carers to be participating independently and if this is the case, that person will not be allowed entry as a carer and will be expected to pay in full.

Volunteer opportunities

Nene Park Trust offers a range of volunteer opportunities. Our volunteer pages contain information about current vacancies and the contact details to discuss any specific access requirements.

Volunteer Hub

The Volunteer Hub is the base for many of the volunteering activities at Ferry Meadows and on occasions is used for other public events. The room is situated next to the Visitor Centre and is accessed via a separate lever handle double door, into a small lobby. There is level access into and throughout the Volunteer Hub. Two unisex toilets, including an accessible facility, are located off the entrance lobby and are shown with tactile signage.

The entrance into the Volunteer Hub is on the left hand side of the lobby through a lever handle double door. Inside is a range of seating and tables that can be arranged in a flexible way and a small kitchenette, with a lowered worktop and a section for knee space for wheelchair users, can be accessed through a lever door in the corner of the room. The Volunteer Hub has its own hearing induction loop.

On the far wall to the right as you enter the room, are push bar double doors that open out into the Wildlife Garden. There is a small slope to the threshold on both the inside and outside of the doors.