wooden house made of sticks in a wooded area for a toy GruffaloNene Park Trust can offer a range of educational activities suitable for Early Years groups. Activities last approximately one hour. Choose two activities for a half day visit or three for a full day, including use of the Discovery Den for your lunch break.

Pond dipping

What creatures are lurking in the waters of Ferry Meadows? Join our education team to hunt for minibeasts living in the ponds and learn about their strange lifecycles and weird eating habits!

Minibeast safari

No lions or tigers to be found on this safari but you will be surprised to find how many minibeasts live in the woods of Ferry Meadows! Our education team will take you on a mini safari to track them down and find out about their lives.

Sensory games

What would it be like to have the ears of a rabbit or the nose of a badger? Children will be encouraged to use all of their senses to explore the world around them in this selection of games and activities.

Treasure hunt / orienteering

Children can take part in a range of activities designed to increase their confidence in finding their way using maps and directional language. Our education staff will be able to advise on appropriate activities for the age and ability of the participants.

Going on a bear hunt

Inspired by the popular book, children go on a hunt through the different environments at Ferry Meadows. Will they be brave enough to enter the dark spooky hut at the end and what will they find?

Build a Gruffalo home

On his journey through the Deep Dark Wood a mouse learns about the homes of a fox, an owl and a snake but what kind of home would a Gruffalo live in? Children can use their imagination to build a Gruffalo house in this fun team task.

Wild art

Children are encouraged to let the natural world inspire them to create works of art, sculptures, collages, masks - the possibilities are endless. Sessions can be themed to focus on a particular topic such as colour or texture, alternatively talk to us about how we can link activities to your school topic.

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