Nene Park Trust recognises its role in protecting the environment and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and will support its teams, partners and tenants to work in a sustainable way. As a charitable trust, which looks after 1,750 acres of green space, we have a responsibility to be innovative and to promote environmental awareness within the local communities and through our activities, through partnerships and with our visitors.

We also recognise the importance and potential impact of our own actions and therein the need to behave ethically in our procurement. We are therefore committed both to reducing our impact on the environment by purchasing sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services where possible – and to the championing of ethical practices along supply chains which can bring wider benefits to society.

Our environmental pledges

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Tracking our resource use

Our carbon footprint is regularly measured and monitored through our membership of the Investors in the Environment accreditation. This is reviewed monthly and responded to as necessary.

Our current environmental actions

  • Investigate the possibility of a bus service from the city centre directly into the Park.
  • Investigate the introduction of more secure cycle parking in the Park to encourage sustainable methods of travelling to the Park.
  • Improve communications around Park accessibility and transportation options for visitors.
  • Assess the Green Wheel and the potential to utilise this to improve visitor access/transport into the park.
  • Encourage Park Rangers and wider Park team to use cycles to travel to and from different areas of the Park.
  • Work with print suppliers to ensure the most environmentally friendly material and inks are used for our print marketing materials, promotional items and Parklife magazine copies. 
  • Introduce stationery recycling schemes for unwanted office items.

Looking after our wildlife

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