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Nene Park is pleased to share new artworks produced by singer & songwriter Yvonne Hercules and visual artists Madhu Manipatruni and Caroline Wendling. The artists took part in the four month Park Art Foundations Artist-In-Residence Programme at Nene Park supported using public funding by Arts Council England. 

Based at Ferry Meadows from July to October 2020, the artists took inspiration from the unique landscape, natural environment and the history and archaeology of the Park, as well as our staff, volunteers and visitors. As lead artist, Caroline Wendling provided mentoring and support to the Associate Artists - Madhu and Yvonne.

The artists have each embraced the opportunity to experiment with new ideas, explore new approaches and produce an exciting range of new artworks and a series of engaging public events. 

You can hear Yvonne, Madhu and Caroline talk about their Park Art residencies via a short film.

About the Artists

Yvonne Hercules

Singer Songwriter, Yvonne Harris-Hercules has written and produced two new songs and created a new music film examining our relationship to nature and responding to the tranquillity she experienced in the Park during her residency.

"Just before the residency we were all in lockdown and this experience made me more aware of our connection to nature. I was drawn to locations in Nene Park that were near water and discovering the beauty of these areas inspired me to write a new song entitled ‘Nene’. One of my family friends is Turkish and she mentioned that the Turkish word for grandmother is nene, I incorporated the idea of the river being like a grandmother - a nurturing figure into the lyrics.  The song also conveys how we are damaging the environment and the importance of realising that we are all connected to nature and need to care for it. My new music film explores the fragility and power of nature via a musical love letter to Mother Nature and depicts Mother Nature and humanity and the relationship between them."

Yvonne’s two new songs ‘Nene’ and ‘In the Quiet’, a new poem called Nature Is…., along with field recordings from the Park, are included in a new music film Nature Is…, produced in collaboration with director Edie Amos.

Yvonne Hercules is a singer songwriter based in Cambridge. Inspired by folk, blues, rock & soul, her music is a mix of these influences with honest, thought provoking lyrics. Her music often relates to themes that resonate to her, others and the world around her.

Yvonne will be presenting the poem within the Park by creating a sound installation for visitors to encounter. Her two new songs will be released in 2021. 

@yvonnnehercules facebook/yvonneherculemusic

Madhu Manipatruni

Madhu Manipatruni is a visual artist based in Peterborough. During the Park Art residency Madhu was really interested in the archaeology and history of the Park. Through her paintings Madhu has explored the belief in River Goddesses, which many cultures share across the world. Taking inspiration from her sketches of the Park, Celtic Goddesses and Indian Goddesses, Madhu has introduced a series of beautiful artworks depicting five Goddesses to the Park representing Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Sky. Madhu has enjoyed experimenting with ceramics during her residency and has also created a series of new ceramic works depicting the five Goddesses to the Park.


During October half term, and as part of the Big Draw drawing festival, Madhu invited families to take part in the Colourful Ecosystems art workshops. The families worked with stencils, chalk and coloured sand to produce vibrant artworks featuring wildlife and plantlife.


Visitors to Nene Park can view the paintings of the Goddesses at Lynch Lake Kiosk, Ferry Meadows and at Woodston Reach from 26 November 2020 until the end of January 2021.

Madhu Manipatruni is a visual artist living in Peterborough. Her practice includes drawing, painting and digital artwork. She likes to use simple materials such as paper, charcoal and her ideas revolve around roots and identity, ideas of beauty and the role of art in the digital age. Madhu is also a practicing Creative Technologist and holds an MA in Creative Technology from DeMontfort University.

If you would like to receive a free set of postcards depicting the Park Goddesses just send your name and address to [email protected] 

You can follow Madhu’s residency journey and research via her blog HERE

@madoo_artist @NeneParkPboro

Caroline Wendling

During her residency Visual Artist Caroline Wendling collected visitors’ stories about the Park and observed how visitors interact with nature. Via conversations and a series of postcards Caroline encountered stories of love, laughter, freedom, wildlife encounters and favourite views, and experienced visitors’ strong connections to the Park. These relationships to the Park and the role of nature inspired Caroline’s event – Not in My Gift. The event took place on 25 October and was inspired by the history of the Park, being created for the people of Peterborough, and highlights that nature is for everyone and cannot be gifted. Caroline invited participants to spend 10 minutes creating their own space in the Park and enjoying the enchantment of nature.


The beautiful images and intimate stories that Caroline has recorded have been developed into a series of prints and will be exhibited as part of a digital publication.

Caroline Wendling is a visual artist that creates drawings, prints, installations, walks and performances that explore history and local myths and respond to place. Caroline lives in Cambridgeshire and was born in France, moving to Britain after completing her art studies. She has created commissions for Whitechapel Art Gallery, Kettle's Yard Gallery, Wysing Arts Centre and Deron Art Projects. She has recently worked on community projects in Hampton and Bedford.