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Nene Park is pleased to be hosting three artists-in-residence in the Park supported using public funding by Arts Council England. As part of Nene Park's ParkArt Foundations Residency Programme, visual artists Madhu Manipatruni and Caroline Wendling, and singer-songwriter Yvonne Hercules are taking part in a four month residency. 

Based at Ferry Meadows from July to October 2020, the artists are taking inspiration from the diverse landscape of Nene Park, as well as our staff, volunteers and visitors. As lead artist, Caroline Wendling will provide mentoring and support to Madhu and Yvonne, and all three artists will develop new artworks and a series of events. 

Visitors and community groups can get involved in the project over the next couple of months - and artist Caroline Wendling is currently inviting visitors to share their stories and drawings of the Park via a series of postcards. The postcards are free and can be picked up at Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre and by billboards in the Park. Alternatively you can email your stories or drawings to [email protected]

Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about the work the artists create at events in the Park and online during September and October. 

About the Artists

Yvonne Hercules is a singer songwriter based in Cambridge. Inspired by folk, blues, rock & soul, her music is a mix of these influences with honest, thought provoking lyrics. Her music often relates to themes that resonate to her, others and the world around her.

During her residency Yvonne is exploring our human connection to nature and how this relates to issues surrounding climate change. Taking time to explore the Park, she has spent time recording some of the sounds of the Park that she plans to incorporated into her music. Yvonne is currently writing a new song inspired by the peace and tranquillity she has experienced in the Park and a second piece about the River Nene.

Madhu Manipatruni is a visual artist living in Peterborough. Her practice includes drawing, painting and digital artwork. She likes to use simple materials such as paper, charcoal and her ideas revolve around roots and identity, ideas of beauty and the role of art in the digital age. Madhu is also a practicing Creative Technologist and holds an MA in Creative Technology from DeMontfort University.

During her residency Madhu is spending time drawing and painting in the Park, learning the botanical names of the trees and flowers and discovering some of the hidden spaces. Madhu has also been researching the Iron Age and Roman history of the Park and the idea of a River Goddess of the River Nene. She has also been experimenting with natural materials found in the Park to make new drawings.

You can follow Madhu’s residency journey and research via her blog HERE

And via Instagram HERE

Caroline Wendling is a visual artist that creates drawings, prints, installations, walks and performances that explore history and local myths and respond to place. Caroline lives in Cambridgeshire and was born in France, moving to Britain after completing her art studies. She has created commissions for Whitechapel Art Gallery, Kettle's Yard Gallery, Wysing Arts Centre and Deron Art Projects. She has recently worked on community projects in Hampton and Bedford. 

During her residency Caroline is discovering visitors' stories about the Park and exploring how visitors interact with nature. Caroline has installed viewfinder posters in the Park and is inviting visitors to share their experiences. She would love to hear from you about a favourite view of the Park, if there is something that has made you laugh out loud in the Park, if you have found freedom in the Park... or if you have fallen in love in the Park. 

You can get in touch with Caroline by emailing [email protected]