Hiring the pitches


Cricket is currently 'Pay to play'. A weekend match costs £120 and a midweek evening game costs £60. This is usually inclusive of full use of changing rooms and porta cabin facilities. However, under current circumstances only the toilets can be used.


We currently have 6 football pitches ranging in size from 5 v 5 to 11 v 11 pitches, all natural turf.

Currently Thorpe Wood Rangers football club has sole use of Woodlands and pays an annual fee.

We can hire pitches for one-off games such as charity matches and cup finals.  Hire of an 11 v 11 pitch costs a one-off fee of £120. If you would like to discuss hiring our pitches please get in touch. Email [email protected].  

Click here to see the football fixtures for 2023

Terms and Conditions for Cricket Hire at Woodlands  

The cricket ground is to be used with the utmost respect. It is your responsibility to keep all equipment and the grounds in the condition you found them.

Any damage or ground issues should be reported to the groundsman as soon as possible.

The hire of the grounds is a mutual agreement between ourselves and you. It can be terminated if deemed appropriate.

You are responsible for:

  •  returning keys to the key safe at the back of the porta cabin after each session.
  •  removing and replacing Cricket covers before and after the game.
  •  setting up cricket boundary, either rope or small white flags.
  •  the putting up and putting away of stumps and bails.
  •  moving sight screens to the correct location.
  •  putting the covers on, if it rains (these need to go on the match pitch and other pitches in preparation for later fixtures).
  •  putting sawdust down if outfield is wet - but use it sparingly.
  •  keeping players and teams in order and respecting the ground.
  •  not creating unnecessary damage to square and outfield, such as marking bowlers run ups and wicket keepers marks.
  •  disposing of all rubbish in the euro cart located near the porta cabins.