Orienteering is a great way to explore Ferry Meadows. A sport of competitive navigation using a special map and a compass, orienteers have to find points as quickly as possible. Suitable for groups, individuals and families, you can run, jog or walk and it doesn’t matter how young, old or fit you are. Orienteering is popular with all ages as most of the skill is in working out the route.

There are three courses available based on different levels of experience. Please pick up a leaflet for free in the Visitor Centre & Gift Shop in Ferry Meadows, or download a copy using the links below.

View of a lake surrounded by greenspace Path through a park with a lake view

woodland route through the Park

Short Course (2.4km) Medium Course (4.6km)

Long Course (8km)

Your task

Inside each leaflet is an orienteering map showing a number of control points. Each one represents a short wooden post marked with a red and white symbol. A table on the back provides a description of where you will find each point. You don’t need a compass but it might help you navigate! Your task is to explore the Park and find these marked posts. When you find the correct post, write the letter in the correct box on the table inside the leaflet.

Please note: There is a temporary control poster in place in the area outside the construction site of the new play area at Lakeside.  This will remain in place while construction work continues over summer 2021.


If you wish to use the course for a group or an event please send an email to [email protected].

What next?

For further information on orienteering in the region you could contact either of the following organisations:

West Anglian Orienteering Club

The British Orienteering Federation