The Park management team will be carrying out some woodland management and tree safety work in Ferry Meadows over the next few months.

 The reasons we carry out woodland and tree safety work are: 

  • to change the mixture of species in the woods by removing undesirable species
  • to improve forest health by removing diseased or dying trees
  • to remove trees in an area to improve pedestrian comfort and security
  • to remove trees near footpaths to help reduce footpath maintenance by tree root damage
  • to remove trees which pose a health and safety risk to the general public.

Initially coppicing and tree thinning looks a destructive process, however this allows light levels to increase, which can generate new growth. In time, the newly planted trees and shrubs will provide new food such as berries and nectar as well as shelter and nesting habitat for birds. Areas of woodland floor flora will start to flourish again such as bluebells and wild garlic. All coppiced material will be reused in the Park, such as for new fence hurdles or as fencing stakes for hedge laying.

Thank you for your understanding.