Nene Valley Railway maintenance team are replacing the crossing decks at either end of the Lynch River Bridge over the next two weeks. Each crossing will take two to three days to complete with the work involving the complete removal of the current timber crossing boards which will be replaced with new boards plus an anti-slip surface. The sleepers below may also need replacing depending on what is found when the deck is taken up. The trespass guards will also be replaced.

We plan to do one crossing at a time with access restricted during these times. 

The planned dates for the work are:

East End (red dot below): Monday 10th May – Tuesday 11th May

West End (blue dot below): Monday 17th May – Tuesday 18th May

We advise you avoid these footpaths while this work is being carried out. The nearest river crossing is via Milton Ferry Bridge.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while this maintenance work is being carried out.