The Park Management Team will be carrying out some essential pollarding and tree safety work along Water Lane (the path that runs from the bottom of Ham Mere to Orton Mere car park) over the next few months. The reasons we carry out this work are: 

  • To ensure the trees are in a safe condition
  • To improve tree health by removing diseased or dying trees
  • To remove trees near footpaths to help reduce footpath maintenance by tree root damage
  • To remove trees which pose a Health & Safety risk to the general public

Initially pollarding and tree thinning looks a destructive process, however this allows light levels to increase which can generate new growth. In time, the pollarded trees will regenerate with fresh new growth, and the ground flora will improve due to more light being able to reach the ground. 

Cut material is being reused in the Park. Projects include making new fence hurdles, fencing stakes for hedge laying.