It’s that time of year when our resident otters start to be seen more frequently in our lakes and along the River Nene. Otters are a protected species and visitors should be respectful of their presence.  By following our otter watching do’s and don’ts, you will give yourself the best opportunity to see these amazing animals in the wild and help ensure Nene Park remains a safe home for them:


  • Watch from a respectful distance
  • Keep quiet and still, so as not to disturb them
  • Keep your dog on a lead / under close control and away from the water’s edge
  • Be mindful of other visitors


  • Go past any fencing put up to protect sensitive wildlife areas
  • Try and feed them, there are plenty of fish in our lakes

 We have installed some protective fencing in some of the key wildlife areas around the Park to help protect these species further. 

Thank you for your understanding.