As part of the ongoing promotion of our EV chargers at the Lakeside car park in Ferry Meadows, we are offering you the chance to charge your car for £1 - however long you stay - during February half term, between Monday 19th February and Friday 23rd February. 

There are now 26 EV chargers installed in the new Lakeside car park in Ferry Meadows so that means 26 visiting electric vehicles can be charged at any one time! It’s also the perfect location for combining charging your vehicle with enjoying all the Park has to offer. Whether you are taking the dog for a long walk, the kids for a cycle ride, you book onto any of our half term events or activities or you just want to enjoy the play areas or cafes, park up and charge your vehicle for £1 while you enjoy spending time in the Park. 

It’s very easy to use the EV chargers at Ferry Meadows. Either use the Monta App or charge by scanning the QR code on the signs near  the charging points. The normal charging rate at Ferry Meadows is 40p per kwh, which is in line with other public charging stations. Over February half term you can come and charge for just £1 however long you stay.

Andrew MacDermott, Director of Operations and Growth here at Nene Park Trust said, "We're really pleased to be able to offer reliable electric vehicle charging to our visitors at Ferry Meadows.  This investment supports the electrification of our park vehicles and enables those coming from further away to do so with confidence they can charge whilst here.  We generate substantial solar electricity onsite and also buy only renewable electricity from our supplies in our aim to support our efforts to reach net zero and reduce our use of fossil fuels."

The team at Nene Park Trust look forward to welcoming all visitors to the Park over February half term and those with electric vehicles can come and receive this additional bonus to their visit.