We now have two Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchairs available to help visitors with access needs explore Ferry Meadows. These are in addition to our popular mobility scooter loan service already in existence in the Park.

Visitors will be able to choose the all-terrain wheelchair that matches their needs;

1) The Mountain Trike, lever drive all terrain wheelchair allows the user to independently propel, steer and apply the hydraulic brakes whilst maintaining clean, dry hands

2) The MT Push all terrain attendant wheelchair has a push handle located behind the rider where the steering and braking takes place by the rider’s buddy. This is suited for riders who aren’t able to self-propel but still want to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Step by step guide to borrowing a Mountain Trike or mobility scooter:

  • It is advisable to book a time slot in advance to ensure that your chosen Mountain Trike or mobility scooter is available for when you want to use it. Please call Visitor Services on 01733 234193 or email [email protected] to reserve your chosen date and time.
  • Visitors can use a Mountain Trike or mobility scooter for up to 2 hours from 10.15am - 3.30pm every day.
  • Come to the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows and show your ID to borrow a Mountain Trike.
  • Our friendly Visitor Centre staff will get your Mountain Trike or mobility scooter ready for you. If it is your first time using one, you will be given a full induction on how to operate the vehicle. 
  • For the self-propelled Mountain Trike, it is advisable to wear a bicycle helmet. Please bring your own.
  • When you have finished with your Mountain Trike or mobility scooter, please return it to the Visitor Centre and come inside and let our staff know.
  • Please make a donation for using this service. The all-terrain wheelchairs have been provided to Ferry Meadows through a generous donation and will sit alongside the extremely popular mobility scooter loan service the Park already offers. This service is made possible through continued donations from users and supporters, alongside other fundraising efforts. Thank you!

Please share any feedback on using the new Mountain Trikes with the Visitor Centre team. We'd love to hear what you think! If you would like any further information about the scheme or have any specific queries, please contact Visitor Services at [email protected].

Further information about Mountain Trikes

The Mountain Trike Company, a wheelchair company, produce and manufacture all terrain wheelchairs from their premises in the UK. The company was founded by Tim Morgan, an innovative and award winning British engineer with a passion for mountain biking. While researching the idea it became apparent to Tim that standard wheelchairs are almost impossible to use over less than perfect terrain and so, using his skills as a design engineer, Tim created the practical, off-road capable and award winning Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair, which uses many of the tried and tested components that can be found on mountain bikes.

The Mountain Trike Company believes in access for everyone and manufactures all-terrain manual wheelchairs. Each chair is designed using a masterful blend of unique innovation and drive system with high specification mountain bike technology. Their wheelchairs provide users with far greater freedom and independence than ever before to travel off the beaten track – trips to the park, woodland trails, mud, snow, sand, cobbles and even mountains!