Over the past year, Nene Park Trust has run monthly photography competitions, receiving hundreds of entries highlighting the beauty of Nene Park. To celebrate our talented visitors, a photography exhibition is now on display in Ferry Meadows for all Park visitors to enjoy. 

The exhibition features the 12 monthly competition winners, who were voted by Nene Park’s social media followers, alongside a selection of other outstanding entries. It takes visitors on a year-long visual journey through the lens of skilled photographers, capturing the seasons, wildlife and landscapes at Nene Park.  

The exhibition can be found in the heart of Ferry Meadows, running alongside the path by Overton Lake, between the Visitor Centre and Badger Play. 

The 12 winning photographs also star in Nene Park Trust’s 2024 fundraising calendar, available to buy at the Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre now for just £10. Every penny from calendar sales go straight back into doing what we do best; nurturing and maintaining Nene Park. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the competitions this year. The entries displayed in the exhibition are credited to the following talented photographers: 

Andy Jackson, Brett Jenkinson, Carl Radford, Charlie Kisby, Charlotte Edwards, Charlotte Norris, Chris Storey, Claire Holden, Clare Ratcliffe, Daniel Youngs, David Arthur, Dawn Friend, Hazel Clifton, Heather Van Ness, Ieva Kariniauskiene, James Clapham, James Crumpton, Janet Warren, June Vajda, Karen Aylin, Lucy Braines, Mark Clegg, Mark Parker, Max Mobius, Monika Welch, Natalie Stageman, Pauline Cheung, Richard Mortlock, Rob Paskin, Rob Walker, Robin Gray, Sam Blunt, Steve Dytham and Trevor Henderson.