March-July 2024 – Sensory, Cookery and Woodwork sessions


Monday 26/02

Tuesday 27/02

Wednesday 28/02

Thursday 29/02

Friday 01/03




10-11am Sensory Craft Session





1-3pm Horticultural Session




Monday 04/03

Tuesday 05/03

Wednesday 06/03

Thursday 07/03

Friday 08/03




11-12pm Sensory Crafts (Public) Session








Monday 11/03

Tuesday 12/03

Wednesday 13/03

Thursday 14/03

Friday 15/03


10-12pm Cookery session









Sensory Crafts (Public) Session



Monday 18/03

Tuesday 19/03

Wednesday 20/03

Thursday 21/03

Friday 22/03




2-3pm Sensory Crafts (Public) Session



Monday 25/03

Tuesday 26/03

Wednesday 27/03

Thursday 28/03

Friday 29/03


 1-3pm Woodcraft session 




Monday 15/04

Tuesday 16/04

Wednesday 17/04

Thursday 18/04

Friday 19/04

Saturday 20/04



11-12 Sensory Crafts













Monday 22/04

Tuesday 23/04

Wednesday 24/04

Thursday 25/04

Friday 26/04

Saturday 27/04






11-1 Special event: Tulip Day



1.30-3.00 Horticultural Session





Monday 29/04

Tuesday 30/04

Wednesday 01/05

Thursday 02/05

Friday 03/05

Saturday 04/05


Deaf Awareness Week







2-3 Sensory Crafts - Public






Monday 06/05

Tuesday 07/05

Wednesday 08/05

Thursday 09/05

Friday 10/05

Saturday 11/05


10.30-12 Horticultural Session






Monday 20/05

Tuesday 21/05

Wednesday 22/05

Thursday 23/05

Friday 24/05

Saturday 25/05








2-3 Sensory Crafts






Monday 27/05

Tuesday 28/05

Wednesday 29/05

Thursday 30/05

Friday 31/05

Saturday 01/06






11-2 Herb Distillation Event




2-3 Sensory Crafts - Public





Monday 03/06

Tuesday 04/06

Wednesday 05/06

Thursday 06/06

Friday 07/06

Saturday 08/06











1.30-3 Horticultural Session





Monday 10/06

Tuesday 11/06

Wednesday 12/06

Thursday 13/06

Friday 14/06

Saturday 15/06


11-12 Sensory Crafts













Monday 17/06

Tuesday 18/06

Wednesday 19/06

Thursday 20/06

Friday 21/06

Saturday 22/06


10.30-12 Horticultural Session












Monday 24/06

Tuesday 25/06

Wednesday 26/06

Thursday 27/06

Friday 28/06

Saturday 29/06










2-3 Sensory Crafts - Public




Monday 01/07

Tuesday 02/07

Wednesday 03/07

Thursday 04/07

Friday 05/07

Saturday 06/07









2-3 Sensory Crafts






Monday 08/07

Tuesday 09/07

Wednesday 10/07

Thursday 11/07

Friday 12/07

Saturday 13/07








1.30-3 Horticultural Session






Monday 15/07

Tuesday 16/07

Wednesday 17/07

Thursday 18/07

Friday 19/07

Saturday 20/07



11-12 Sensory Crafts











Monday 22/07

Tuesday 23/07

Wednesday 24/07

Thursday 25/07

Friday 26/07

Saturday 27/07


11-12 Sensory Crafts - Public

10.30-12 Horticultural Session











Sensory Craft sessions: We will be exploring various craft skills - from Branch Weaving to Slow Stitching. These crafts will have an emphasis on mindfulness and enjoying the process.

Our sensory trail will be running alongside the craft activities, during which information boards are placed around the Nursery site, encouraging visitors to engage with the Herb-growing area, Ornamental Ash Tree, Fruit Bed and more.
These sessions can be self-led if preferred, or guided by Nene Park Trust staff and volunteers.

Cookery sessions: In these sessions, the focus will be on different vegetables and herbs each session. We’ll be learning more about them and sharing recipes in which they are used.

All the recipes will be vegetarian, dairy and gluten free.  

Woodcraft session: We will be working with an expert on wood craft to use a Pole Lathe to create small wooden objects or teach the use of woodcarving tools to make small objects.

All of the sessions are suitable for all abilities but there is no requirement to take part in the activities available; visitors are welcome to enjoy the nursery by taking a seat in various parts of the space with a hot or cold drink, or simply listen to the activities which are taking place.

The sessions listed are free to attend and do not need to be booked. All materials will be provided.  However, if you would like to let us know that you plan to visit, or have any questions prior to visiting, please contact us on [email protected]

Bring your own Mug – we would like to invite visitors to bring a mug from home, which can then be used to enjoy a drink (offered at all the advertised sessions) whilst visiting. However, there are plenty of mugs available if this isn’t possible.

Parking – nearest parking is at Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre (PE2 5UU) and a 5 minute walk south will take you to the Nursery (head southwards down Ham Farm Lane from the Visitor Centre, pass the Caravan Club’s entrance on the right hand side and continue south, until the path narrows and if you look to the right, you would see the railway track crossing the Lane, and as you then look across the road on the left, there is a wooden fence and gravel entrance which will take you to the nursery entrance)

What Three Words for the exact location of the Nursery: Guides. Pads. Fork

If accessible parking is required, please contact us by email: [email protected]

There is an accessible compost toilet within the Nursery. For fully accessible options, please use the facilities next to the Visitor Centre.

Please note that the Sensory craft Sessions which have ‘Public’ within the title are advertised to the general public and may have larger numbers attending and a different atmosphere.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you would like to discuss bespoke sessions and activities with us.