Lynda is originally from Manchester but happily lives in Peterborough with her wife Jess. She works in IT in Change Delivery Management. In her free time, Lynda likes cooking, drinking, socialising and garden parties.

How do you identify?

Female / Pansexual

What does Identity mean to you?

I feel I have been afforded the privilege for my assigned sex at birth to match my gender identity. I use my femininity to project power and positivity both within our community and to the wider communities out there.     

Identities is the first major project by queer-based production company Q Productions based in Peterborough. Their main aim is to give Cambridgeshire and the Fens an educational and meaningful project about queer people. Q Productions is run by Trans woman Alex and Trans genderfluid Teddi. The project was funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund through Your Community Greenspace.