She / her

Originally from March, Cambridgeshire, Lucy now calls Peterborough home. She currently works as an Education Officer and her hobbies include Performing. Lucy is a proud member of the community.

What does Identity mean to you?

Expression, Freedom, Power 

Identifying as a Lesbian has been a journey for me over the years. The word Lesbian was used as a way to be cruel towards me as a young girl. The word for me held a lot of Stigma and trauma.
I now choose to  use this word to identify myself in a way of defiance, pride and power.

A Royal Visit

At the age of 22, Prince Edward, King Edward I's eldest son, visited Peterborough Cathedral . He was accompanied, as was customary, by a sizable Royal court entourage of servants and courtiers, including his "favourite" Piers Gaveston, who by 1306 had gained some notoriety. .

Piers Gaveston first appears in the prince's household accounts in 1300, when he was 15 years old. The two teenagers formed a close friendship because Gaveston was the son of one of the knights serving in the King's household. Gaveston was exiled to France in 1307 as a result of a dispute between prince Edward and the King. The young prince Edward showered him with gifts prior to his departure, including two elegant outfits, five horses, swans, and herons. He sent two minstrels to Dover with Gaveston as well. Although it is impossible to know their relationship's exact nature, there is compelling evidence that it was romantic.