As at June 2020, we are aware that a few of our visitors are again being contacted by debt collectors on behalf of our previous parking management company, Park with Ease, in relation to old Parking Charge Notices.  This is incredibly disappointing at this difficult time.

Our Chairman has written to Park with Ease expressing our disappointment at this and asking them to rethink their approach. Regrettably our legal advice is that Park with Ease are within their rights to collect these outstanding parking charges, in accordance with the IPC code of conduct. Since we changed parking provider at Ferry Meadows in September 2018, we are unfortunately no longer in a position to intervene in cases with our visitors on a one by one basis. We understand our visitors’ concerns but we simply no longer have access to data to be able to verify parking queries. All enquiries must therefore be directed to Park with Ease directly to dispute a Parking Charge Notice.

We’re pleased to say that we have had a new car park charging system in place at Ferry Meadows since September 2018 which uses ANPR technology and requires visitors to pay before leaving the car park, thereby removing the need to enforce payment.