Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the Park. Please be aware that the Rural Estate includes land for grazing livestock. In line with The Countryside Code our Rural Estate Park Code message to dog walkers is: Please be vigilant when crossing fields where livestock are present by giving them a wide berth. Dogs should be kept on a lead but released if chased. Please ensure you shut all gates behind you.

To find out where livestock may be present in Nene Park please contact us ahead of your visit.

Getting here

Please visit our Find us page for details of the different ways to get to the Rural Estate


There is limited parking connected to The Rural Estate.

The car park at Splash Lane in the village of Castor has a very uneven compacted stone surface and is prone to flooding.  The access road to the car park is a very uneven narrow track with ditches either side. There are no designated accessible parking bays.

Ferry Meadows acts as a gateway to the Rural Estate at its eastern end using the Nene Way path. The nearest car park to this access point at Ferry Meadows is the coach car park, which is one of the permanent tarmac car parks with accessible parking bays. Parking charges apply all day, every day. Please visit our Parking page for details of charges. Please be aware that there is a height restriction barrier of 2.1 metres at the entrance and alligator teeth across the exit of Lakeside Road at Ferry Meadows. Oversized vehicles displaying a blue badge are permitted access to Ferry Meadows. For details of how to arrange access please visit our Parking pages or contact us in advance of your visit.

Park Code

For information on how to enjoy this area of Nene Park, please see our Rural Estate Park Code. We also have a text only version of the Rural Estate Park Code.

Nene Park Newsletter - Parklife

Our regular newsletter Parklife is available in standard, large print or audio formats. All are freely available in advance of your visit either electronically or by post. Please contact us with details of your requirements.