Path gradients and surfaces

The Rural Estate is a large rural landscape and the paths are generally grass or mud tracks, which are often uneven, and in parts are narrow, situated alongside the river or dikes and prone to flooding.

The path network is made up of Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Permissive Routes linking Nene Park land with the surrounding countryside and villages.

Structures such as footbridges, gates, stiles, steps, locks / weirs and railway tracks feature in the Rural Estate path network.

There are a few steep sections along the pathways within the Rural Estate notably on the Nene Way north of the River Nene following Long Meadow at Ferry Meadows, and west of Castor Mill. The bridge at Ailsworth Back Dike near Water Newton also has a steep gradient. The walk along the road from Milton Ferry Bridge to Castor also features a significant gradient along with the railway crossing point on Mill Lane.

There are two sets of steps at Wansford to access the Nene Valley Railway Station from Nene Park and a set of steps at Lynch Wood that take visitors down to the river.

Download a map of the Rural Estate here.

For more details of the accessibility of any particular path or area of the Rural Estate please contact us.


There are two simple wooden benches in Station Master's Garden.

There is a wooden picnic table provided by Castor Parish Council at Splash Lane Car Park.


Download a map of the Rural Estate here.

Ranger assistance

Whilst the Rural Estate is patrolled periodically by Nene Park Trust staff and volunteers, there is not a regular staff presence in this area. However, if you require assistance while exploring this area our Rangers are contactable via 07860 308081 from 08:00 – 18:30 March – September and 08:00 – 16:00 October – February. Please note our Ranger team is not available on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.