Conservation activity plus your very own Weave it Workshop OR Green Woodworking Workshop = £35 pp (min. 6 people or £210)

Conservation activities could be something from the list below:

Summer (April-August) Winter (September-March)
Weeding Coppicing across Nene Park Trust woodlands and plantations
Invasive species removal Hedgerow management
Mulching around standard trees Small tree removal
Willow Tunnel maintenance Bulb planting
Boardwalk vegetation clearance Path clearance
Sheepwash Walk maintenance
Ham Mere reed burning
Willow removal

Then choose from one of the following activities:

Weave it Workshop Green Woodworking Workshop

Using woodland branches and yarn:

  • create your very own natural piece
  • Make your very own macrame bird feeder
  • Learn the skill of whittling and make your own mini wood sculpture or wooden spoon.
  • Learn how to use a natural wood lathe