by Lily Chapman,  6 years old

Once upon a time Lily was going on an Odl-bodl hunt at Ferry Meadows. An Odl-bodl is an animal that is very rare. It has a pig tail, monkey head, giraffe neck, eagle claws, elephant body, and a fluffy coat with wings. 

It was a nice sunny spring day. The sky was blue. The wildflowers on Coney Meadow smelt really nice. Lily liked going on Odl-bodl hunts ever since she saw their unique claw prints on the Meadows. But they never found the Odlbodls. They must have been hiding in the Enchanted Forest.  

The Enchanted Forest was dark, but Lily felt safe in the snuggly trees. With her torch she looked for the Odl-bodls. But instead she spotted a glow-in-the-dark horn poking out of the bushes. It belonged to a beautiful Unicorn. The Unicorn was white and pink, and she was very kind. She came up to Lily to stroke her with her nose, but she heard a branch snap and she ran away. 

Lily now walked to Lynch Lake. She liked this little lake because she enjoyed feeding the cute ducks. But today, she looked out and saw a long purple tail flip out of the water. Then she saw a lady with golden brown hair swimming. She was a Mermaid. The Mermaid looked up and saw Lily, and smiled at her and blew her a kiss. Then a super big wave came and she swam away into the deepest part of the lake. 

Lily carried on her walk and ended up at Fox Play. In the sky were lots of white fluffy altocumulus clouds. (Lily knew this because she had been to forest school.) On one of the clouds she saw a big red wing. It belonged to a ginormous Dragon. The Dragon swooped down from his home in the cloud and happily blew some fire from his nose. Lily could see that he was a friendly Dragon. A big gust of wind blew the clouds and the Dragon flew away to find his home again. 

Lily was amazed that she saw so many mythical creatures. Were they real? Was she dreaming? She went to Lakeside cafe to have a nice hot drink and a sausage roll. She turned around to get her money out of her pocket, and saw an Odl-bodl hiding behind her! It had been following her all the time. It must have been scaring away all the other mythical creatures. 

Lily was very happy. Today was the day she finally found the Odl-bodl - and the Unicorn, the Mermaid and the Dragon. Ferry Meadows really is a wonderful place where your imagination is free to run wild.