by Freya Pinfold, 12 years old

Zzzzzzzzip! I opened the tent flap to reveal a beautiful sunset above the picturesque lake. Shades of red blended into shades of orange and yellow. It was a mesmerising sight; I could have stayed there for hours just staring at it but I wanted to get back to the tent by dark. 

I carried my Hello Kitty pouch that contained my toothbrush and toothpaste to the toilet facilities to enable me to brush my teeth before bed.

As I left the campsite, I had a strange feeling as if something was watching me. A warm cosy feeling was circulating the air: I wasn't scared. Then I heard a low grumbling growl. I froze with curiosity. I inched around the corner itching to find out what on earth that sound was coming from and then I saw it, a dragon! 

There at the boat harbour was one of the dragon boats that I had ridden earlier that day but this time, it was alive! The dragon was a lovely emerald colour with scarlet red spines along its back. The way the scales shimmered in the setting sun was incredibly enchanting. Bright red glowing eyes stared right at me yet they also had a happy soothing look, like a cute puppy. The dragon walked over to me sleekly with unimaginable elegance and nudged me gently with its forehead. I was in awe of the creature and couldn't take my eyes off it.

I clambered onto the dragon's back and the dragon soared up, up and up into the air, wind rushed past my face and my hair flew behind me. It was such a freeing feeling. We soared over Overton Lake and the Visitor Centre. I saw the Fox Play park and a group of people at a birthday party having a late night BBQ. I even saw some of the rangers walking around the Park. I didn't want this incredible experience to ever end but I knew my parents might start worrying about where I was. I tapped the dragon's neck to indicate that I wanted to land. He elegantly landed perfectly at the campsite. My mum rushed over to me, squeezed my cheeks and gave me a slobbery kiss. 

I stared up at the sky and watched my dragon friend as he glided up into the distance.