Nene Park Trust is committed to monitoring wildlife across the Park to ensure the Park remains an important space for biodiversity. 

Currently, our regular monitoring includes:


5 different transects are walked regularly from March to October, with data collected and fed into the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, run by Butterfly Conservation. 26 species have been recorded so far.


The same 5 transects are walked from March to October, with data collected and fed into the Beewalk Scheme run by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 7 species are regularly recorded.


Peterborough Bird Club carry out Wetland Bird Surveys (WeBS counts) throughout the year and submit the data to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). They also share the data with NPT for our records. Approximately 126 bird species were recorded in 2020. The assortment of habitats found at Nene Park, including the lakes and flood meadows, provide good feeding ground for the visiting water birds during the winter months as well as breeding grounds for other migrants such as Sand Martins and Common Tern in the summer months.

Wild flowers

Wild flowers are monitored regularly, with a new project in development to get a baseline set of data across the Park in key areas. 136 species have been recorded currently. More Park areas are being left uncut to allow more wild flowers to come through, and more areas are being managed specifically as wild flower or flood meadow. This also creates more habitat for pollinators.

All data collected across the Park gets submitted to Cambridgeshire Biological Records Centre to feed into the county records.