Ian Lowe senior ranger at nene park


Ian Lowe, Senior Ranger

In September 1997 I turned up for my first day at Nene Park Trust (NPT) as a Modern Apprentice starting my NVQ Level 2 Environmental Conservation course through Shuttleworth and Writtle College. I was very nervous and knew I had a long hard 3 years ahead, but was thoroughly looking forward to it as had always wanted to work outside and had a big interest in the job at hand.

I soon realised after my first few days here that I had landed on my feet, the staff and public were very helpful and friendly. I couldn’t believe that I had never heard or seen the secret of Peterborough and I was only living 40 miles away, an amazing place. I was given all new kit from head to toe and explained all the things I would be doing over my 3 years.

I was trained up on the job and every bit of kit was explained to me and I was shown how to use it, most of which was done on site by NPT staff, but some was to achieve a certified qualification, so was done off site.

I was also getting help from staff and the college on the paper side of the course and after 2 years I had finished Level 2 and was offered the opportunity to take on the NVQ Level 3 Environmental Conservation Course as well. At the end of my 3 years I had passed both courses and had started looking for a job as there had never been a guarantee of one at the end of my 3 years. Much to my surprise I was offered an Estate Worker Position which I accepted without hesitation as love working here and get on so well with the team.

I had been an Estate Worker for 9 years and carried on learning new skills and getting more qualifications. At weekends I was taking on part-time rangering and getting to grips with what it actually meant to be a Park Ranger and was lucky enough to be sent on a foundation Ranger course, which was a full on, but a fun course.

In January 2009 the Estate Team were offered the opportunity to be made up to Park Rangers and I was more than happy to accept this as it encompasses both sides of the job that I love doing, estate maintenance and the patrolling of the Park.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to be allowed to have a sabbatical from work and go and do six months of travelling and see much more of the world, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But on my return to work I was refreshed and geared up to start my new role as Senior Ranger. I now manage a small team, support the Park Manager and Deputy Park Manager with the running of the park, making sure that all the work is carried out and to a high standard. I attempt to keep on top of the building and vehicle maintenance, as well as helping out on the ground with all the tasks in hand.

I have been very lucky to have now worked for the Trust for 23 years and have seen a lot of changes over the years, but one thing has never changed and that is my love to work outside and to do the day to day tasks, working alongside a great team of skilled, friendly colleagues and seeing so many happy people enjoying the hard work we have put into making it such a lovely place to visit.