Lucy Thornton-Reid fundraising officer at nene park trust05/11/20

Lucy Thornton-Reid, Fundraising Officer at Nene Park Trust

Nene Park Trust is a charity and for over 30 years we have been proudly managing Ferry Meadows and the wider Nene Park estate for the people of Peterborough. Fundraising plays a huge part in the development of these greenspaces, and is critically important at the moment as the Trust's resources are stretched due to the pandemic.

This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone as we have had to adapt our lives and find new ways to relax, socialise, exercise and fill our spare time. Whilst everything has been turned upside-down, the outdoors and beautiful greenspaces haven’t gone anywhere and are now proving their worth more than ever; not only for their positive impact on the environment but also the improved quality of life and wellbeing for those who visit them.

This November is Nene Park Trust’s Legacy Giving month. We will be sharing information on how you can give back to your precious local greenspace by leaving a legacy to Nene Park Trust.

Legacy Giving

couple walking down the boardwalk in nene park

Legacy Giving is the opportunity to support a cause which you may not have been able to in your lifetime – at Nene Park Trust there are many ways you can do this:

Leave a gift in your Will

This is an increasingly popular way of giving and is becoming an important source of funds for charities, who are fortunate enough to receive this type of donation. The types of gift that could be offered include money, anything of value that could be sold to fund a charity's work, or an item a charity could use and benefit from. In all instances your solicitor should be your first point of contact.

You can find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Nene Park Trust here.

Celebration Leaves

Celebration Leaves is our newest fundraising initiative and a beautiful addition to the Park; a copper leaf engraved with a message of your choice proudly displayed in the Wildlife garden, celebrating anything from a significant birthday to an annual trip to the Park. This was an important scheme for us to launch; we wanted to give our visitors the chance to commemorate so many special moments shared whilst also being able to give a significant donation to the Trust and support the future of the Park.

More information on Celebration Leaves can be found here.

Memorial benches

Within Ferry Meadows we have a selection of benches with plaques in memory of significant individuals. This scheme has been running for years and therefore many of the benches already have plaques but there are still a few available at quieter spots within the park. For more information please email: [email protected]

Whichever way you choose to give to Nene Park Trust, your support is invaluable, especially at this difficult time, helping us nurture our beautiful greenspace now and for generations to come.

‘You can never be poor by giving.’  Anne Frank