Melanie Church, Activities Administrator

I am the Activities Administrator within the Education and Activities team.

As the title suggests I provide administration support to our team, which offers a range of educational school visits and outdoor adventurous activities for schools, youth and community groups and corporate groups. I am the one who makes sure group leaders and teachers have all the information they need before their trip to us, and answers any last minute questions.

I also lead on organising dates for the children’s events, wildlife events, and more recently craft and activity workshops, which we run throughout the year. I also liaise with the wider Nene Park Team to tap into their wildlife expertise to offer these events to our visitors or I find local tutors to lead workshops and talks.

I am also involved in promoting the events, adding them to our website, our online booking system, and making posters to add around the park and liaising with our marketing team to promote everything on social media.

So putting on all the events, is definitely a Nene Park team effort, with so many people from the Trust helping to make them a success.

We also collate feedback following events, and with our new online booking system we have the facility to automatically obtain feedback after a booking. This feedback is really important so we can improve our processes and sometimes we get suggestions for other events that people would like to see in the park. If we can take forward these suggestions we will. So if anyone sees an event elsewhere in the country and thinks to themselves, oh I wish Nene Park would do that, suggest it to us and you never know, you might see it here in the future!