Lucy Thornton-Reid, Fundraising Officer

After launching our Celebration Leaves initiative in 2019, we have enjoyed seeing individuals take part, listening to their stories and seeing how the scheme works for them and the Park.

Celebration Leaves are handmade copper leaves, engraved with a message of your choice and displayed on an oak sculpture in the wildlife garden at Ferry Meadows – a peaceful, beautiful and natural location where you can sit for a moment or take a walk around with friends, family or simply on your own.

Our aim for Celebration Leaves was to provide a beautiful addition to the Park, which our visitors would be able to use and enjoy to capture moments they have experienced at Nene Park, whilst also supporting the future of the Trust.  

We believe our leaves are doing what we set out for them to do. It has become very clear just how emotive and special these leaves are for you. Because of this, we want to have a greater impact and make these moments last forever.    

Therefore, we have changed our Celebration Leaves scheme so that your £250 donation will mean your leaf will be in the wildlife garden not just for five or ten years but for life. This means you can hold onto a moment or memory and leave a mark in the park forever.

We are so pleased about this improvement and hope you are too!

Celebration Leaves play another role too. They give you the opportunity to donate and make a difference to the Park you love. Donations received through Celebration Leaves go towards the ongoing work of Nene Park Trust – helping us continue to look after green space in Peterborough to ensure the local community has access to good quality green space, full of wildlife to learn in, enjoy and benefit from forever.

You can find out more about Celebration Leaves scheme here 

Other ways to leave a mark

If you are interested in leaving a mark in the park in other ways, we also have our Memorial Benches or you can simply donate online.

The fundraising team are always more than happy to have a conversation so please feel free to email them at [email protected]