Our Big Summer Hunt activity launches on Friday 23 July and runs throughout the six week summer holiday, with participants busily solving puzzles across Nene Park and winning exciting prizes!

Instructions for taking part:

  • Register to take part in the Big Summer Hunt, by booking onto the event on our booking system. You will need to give your name and contact details so we can contact you if you win. Scroll down the page of 'Guided walks and family activities' and you will find the Big Summer Event at the bottom of the page. 
  • The Big Summer Hunt is FREE to enter but we would welcome a donation if you are able to make one, so that we can continue to offer events like these to our visitors. You can make a donation when you book onto the event
  • The first clue will be revealed on social media and on this web page on Friday 23 July and then new clues will be revealed on the subsequent 5 Fridays through the summer holidays.
  • Each week try and solve the clue to reveal a landmark in a location in Nene Park. Clues may involve riddles, puzzles or picture clues.
  • When you have solved the clue and worked out where the Park landmark is, take a selfie of yourself at that location and send it to us by the Thursday of each week.
  • Send in your photo each week by email to [email protected] OR via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #NeneParkBigSummerHunt. Remember, if using social media to send your entries in, you need to make sure your posts are public (Facebook) or your profile is public (Instagram). That means we can find your entries via the hashtag.
  • A weekly winner will be announced each Thursday afternoon before the next clue is revealed on the Friday. Weekly prizes include cycling goodies from Rutland Cycling, vouchers for Nene Outdoors, books from Waterstones and stationery from Asda. 
  • At each winning location, you will also find a QR code which will give you a clue to the overall winning location for the entire six week hunt. Scan this QR code to reveal a puzzle piece. Collect all six puzzle pieces and they will make up a picture of the overall winning location. 
  • At the end of the summer, send in a photo of yourself at the overall winning location for a chance to win the top prize of a family trip on our eco-passenger boat along with an exciting picnic hamper to enjoy, as you cruise around Overton Lake. 

Good luck and enjoy the Big Summer Hunt!

Week 1:

Can you solve this riddle and find a landmark in Nene Park?

I am a 3D shape.

On the one side I oversee lots of watercraft and on the other side, fields of wildflowers.

What am I?

PRIZE: Cycling goodies from Rutland Cycling - including cycling jersey, cycling shorts and a cycling helmet

Week 2:

Where can you find this face?

Hint: Start at Orton Mere car park and head towards Woodston Reach

PRIZE: £20 voucher for Pay and Play watersports at Nene Outdoors.

Week 3:

Where am I?

Hint: It's made of stone.

PRIZE: £15 voucher for the Entertainer Toy Shop.

Week 4:

Where am I?

Hint: you'll find me in an area of the Park famous for a certain coloured flower!

PRIZE: Three fantastic children's books from Waterstones.

Week 5:

PRIZE: A selection of board games from ASDA

Week 6:

 Complete the sequence:

  • Elton
  • Yarwell
  • Wansford
  • Waternewton
  • Alwalton
  • ???
  • Stanground
  • Dog in a Doublet

 PRIZE: A Family ticket to Lost World, soft play and activity centre, Serpentine Green.