There are a number of activities not permitted in Nene Park as follows: 

  • Camping or caravanning outside of official areas
  • Using the car parks for driving tuition
  • Fires, fireworks and Chinese lanterns
  • Golf outside of golf course areas
  • Kite buggies
  • Launching hot air balloons
  • Metal detecting
  • Electric vehicles (including scooters) aside from battery cars/mobility scooters
  • Off road motor biking
  • Off road quad biking
  • Radio controlled petrol driven cars
  • Radio controlled planes (unless part of an authorised group)
  • Drones
  • Trading
  • Bouncy castles unless pre agreed through events booking procedure

Activities not permitted on water:

  • Magnet fishing or fishing on the rowing course at Thorpe Meadows
  • Radio controlled boats (except on Orton Mere)
  • Jet skiing
  • Swimming/paddling (unless part of an authorised group) 

We hope you enjoy your visit. If you require assistance or need to report a problem, please call the Duty Ranger on 07860 308081. 

For further information about Nene Park or Nene Park Trust, or to tell us what you think about the Park, please call in to our Visitor Centre at Ferry Meadows or contact us on one of the methods below:

T: 01733 234193
E: [email protected]