Path gradients and surfaces

Thorpe Meadows is a natural landscape and paths are made up of various surfaces which may be uneven in places.

The main pathway alongside the edge of the rowing lake at Thorpe Meadows is tarmac and relatively flat. The rest of the pathways are uneven limestone and compacted stone surfaces with grass paths mown alongside the river and between some of the sculptures on the south side of the rowing lake. There is a particularly steep section on the north west corner of the horse route and at the narrow red footbridge on the path that takes visitors from Thorpe Meadows in The Boardwalks Nature Reserve and towards the City Centre. Please note this footbridge is currently closed.

The nearby Orton Mere and Woodston Reach can be accessed by crossing the Nene Valley Railway and the footbridge over the lock. Please note there is a short ramp with self closing gates to access the railway crossing and a steep section on the path into Thorpe Meadows after the lock on the North side of the River.

The path network are shared routes for pedestrians and cyclists, and in some circumstances horse riders.

Please refer to the Thorpe Meadows map showing more detail of the path network including steep and unsurfaced sections or contact us.


There are a number of benches located along the north path of the rowing lake. They are set back from the main path with hard surfaced bases. A couple of picnic tables are located in the grass area between Orton Mere and Thorpe Meadows on the opposite side of the path to the river moorings.


A Thorpe Meadows map is available at the car park.

Ranger assistance

Whilst Thorpe Meadows is patrolled periodically by Nene Park Trust staff and volunteers, there is not a regular staff presence in this area. However, if you require assistance while exploring this area our Rangers are contactable via 07860 308081 from 08:00 – 18:30 March – September and 08:00 – 16:00 October – February. Please note our Ranger team is not available on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.