Longthorpe Tower is a historical building built in the late 13th century and is a stone built Grade 1 listed building.

The Approach to Longthorpe Tower

Longthorpe Tower is 0.2 miles from the parking area of Botolph Church on Woburn Close. Visitors take a left out of Woburn Close along Thorpe Road on uneven pavement until reaching an uneven, surfaced track to the left. The Tower is further down the track on the right.

The entrance to the Tower is through a narrow gateway on the right-hand side of the track.

There is no seating available in the outside area where visitors are expected to wait for their tour to begin.

Getting in

To access the first-floor entrance of Longthorpe Tower, visitors take narrow wooden stairs with handrail to a wide entrance/exit door over a large stone step. There is a landing three quarters of the way up and just before the entrance door. Steps can be slippery after rain.

First floor ‘The Painted Room’

On entry, visitors are immediately into the Painted Room. The floor is stone with a heavy duty carpet covering all of the first floor. On the first floor there are three backless benches, a cabinet, a reception desk and gift shelf.

Enjoying the paintings

Mirrors are available for visitors to use to view the paintings on the ceiling without bending the neck.

Passionate volunteers will share their knowledge of the paintings and their time in history.

Personal photos can be taken – no flash allowed.

Please do not touch the walls in the Painted Room – volunteers will remind you of this.

Access to the second floor

Access to the second floor is through a low, narrow door with stone step threshold that leads directly to a narrow stone staircase that spirals slightly at the top. The stone steps are of uneven surface, height and width. There is a rope rail along the stone wall to support walking the stairs. There is lighting in the stairwell, but due to lack of natural light it is dimly lit. Small torches are available upon request.

Second floor

From the stairs, visitors pass through a narrow, low stone doorway with stone step threshold to the second floor. There is stone flooring with rug. The room is well lit. There are two backless wooden benches.

To one corner there is a low, narrow opening with stone step that gives access to an unlit former latrine.

There are pull up banners with information, lower height interpretation panel with activity and artefacts on display.

Medieval music plays on the second floor.