We now have a new electrically-powered passenger boat! This new boat replaces the previously diesel-powered boat that used to provide passenger trips around Overton Lake at Ferry Meadows. The batteries used to power the new boat will be charged using electricity provided through a green energy tariff, as part of the Trust’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and respond to a climate emergency.

30-45 minute trips are offered for up to 12 passengers around Overton Lake and out onto the River Nene. The service runs at weekends during the summer season (March to October) and during school holidays. 

In addition, bespoke trips have also been developed for special occasions and corporate groups, providing a unique view of the Park and an inspiring experience on the water. To ensure this tranquil experience is available to all, the boat will have an accessible lift available from spring 2022, enabling up to two wheelchair users on board at any time.

Future plans for the boat include the possibility of a taxi service to different parts of the Park. The Trust also hopes to install a solar array to help charge the boat, creating a truly sustainable long-term energy source.

Tickets are available online, from the Visitor Centre and from the boat itself.