Greg Higby - Park Manager

I was challenged with writing a blog about what I do as a Park Manager in Ferry Meadows. At first I thought this would be pretty easy to write as I’ve held this position for 20 years, but then I started thinking about my daily responsibilities and how varied it can be. I like to think that I have a plan when I come to work. I have tasks and daily assignments that I’m responsible for and that I work on, but on a busy day, my plans don’t always come to fruition, in fact most of my daily plans just go out of the window! 

One of the things I like most about my job is that it is ever changing. I don’t just sit behind a desk all day on a computer. I always visit the Park every day just to see what is going on, and of course to meet some of our regular Park visitors. I ensure everything is running smoothly (or as smoothly as possible!)

As Park Manager, I manage the Park Management Operations budgets, which covers the daily maintenance of tree stock, mowing grass, playgrounds and buildings and oversee nine full time members of staff and five summer seasonal staff members.  

A typical day as the Park Manager starts off with a daily catch up meeting with the Senior Rangers to discuss the day, maintenance, events or anything that affects the Park or operations of the Park. I like to ensure procedures are being completed on time and correctly, Park Visitors and staff members' safety is always top of my priority list.

After that I always like to visit the Park and often stop and catch up with the Visitor Centre team and staff in both cafes. We do sometimes have a few minor hiccups to deal with in the Park. The great British weather is the best for throwing a spanner in the works! Heavy rain fall can lead to flooding, or strong winds which can lead to trees being blown over, which would need to be cleared up or made safe. These minor hiccups can put kinks into a daily routine, but they’re something you adapt to over time.

As a Park Manager, I am on my feet a lot and I don’t work 'normal' hours. I work a lot of weekends, and most bank holiday weekends. There really isn’t much normalcy to my day, but I wouldn’t have worked here for as long as I have if I didn’t love what I do.