We believe everyone should have the chance to visit Nene Park and benefit from time spent outside in nature. For years we have been proud to provide a free mobility scooter service, allowing visitors with additional needs to borrow a scooter and join their friends and family around the park.

This service is available because we have received generous donations from individuals and corporates, which have funded the cost of the scooters and their ongoing maintenance.

We have always had three scooters available, the necessary number to meet the demand - most weekends they are all booked up.

Sadly, in June, two of our scooters went missing, one was found with significant damage and the other has still not been found - this meant we had to call individuals who had booked them to say they could no longer come to the park.

Unfortunately, this week, our final remaining mobility scooter has had a mechanical fault and is in need of repair - this leaves us in the position of no mobility scooters.

We are devastated to find ourselves in this situation, letting down park visitors who rely on this service to have access to outdoor greenspace.

We need your help to purchase a new scooter and make necessary repairs to the existing ones.

We are sure you agree, this is an essential service for the Peterborough community, no one should have to miss out on visiting their local park. 

Please donate today to give everyone the chance to enjoy their local park everyday - thank you.