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Why we need your support

Every day it costs us around £6,700 to manage and look after Nene Park. We receive no regular income from public funds, relying on other sources, such as investment returns, rental income and fundraising to fund our work.

In 2018, over 1.8million visits were recorded at Ferry Meadows, 7,455 children attended education events and over 8,200 volunteer hours were spent looking after the Park.

In the past two years we have planted 5,555 trees, maintained 22km of paths and saw sand martins inhabit 32 out of the 36 nesting holes in our Lynch Lake nesting box.

Nene Park Trust's charitable objective is:

To provide for the recreation of the public by the provision of a park for the benefit of the inhabitants of Peterborough and visitors with the object of improving the conditions of life for such persons.

Nene Park Trust's vision is:

To be the regions favourite park, providing a permanent haven for heritage and wildlife and a wide choice of recreational activities for the people of Peterborough and the wider community.

See how your donations could help us

Nene Park Trust is a charity and we rely on voluntary donations, grants from organisations and income from investments and rent to fund this beautiful place for the people of Peterborough and visitors to the City to enjoy.

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