Chavenage Bat Box


This natural and attractive bat box will fit into any garden, woodland or house wall site, providing a much needed roost for a variety of bat species. Read more

Friendly Bug Barn


This welcoming, cosy insect home has lots of different textures, crevices and hollows making it a multi-species home. You may attract ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too. Read more

Hedgehog House


This Hedgehog House provides sanctuary and a hibernation home for wild hedgehogs. This waterproof shelter protects hedgehogs from the bad weather as well as from other dangers that may be in your garden. Read more

Hibernating Ladybird Tower


This garden ladybird tower, for ladybirds and other beneficial insects, is made from natural air dried FSC certified timber logs and the appearance may vary. Read more

Natural Wood Log Nesting Box


An attractive and natural log tit nesting box that has a natural woodland appearance. Read more